Support the ReStore

Donate Today – Get a Tax Break!

When renovating your home, replacing furniture or appliances in good, or removing materials that are too good to throw away, don’t trash them – donate them to the ReStore!

The ReStore accepts donations of quality merchandise in good, working condition.  Items can be dropped off during business hours at our downtown location, or you can call the store to arrange a pick-up at (954) 763-7771.


  • Appliances (less than 7 years old)
  • Plumbing (toilets, sinks, faucets-COMPLETE ONLY)
  • Tubs (must be standard size – no Jacuzzi’s, unless brand new)
  • Windows
  • Blinds (MUST contain ALL necessary mounting brackets)
  • Doors (80″ or less)
  • Shower Doors (must have frames or frameless in box ONLY)
  • Cabinets (good condition, must have all doors and drawers in place)
  • Tile/flooring (35 Sq. Ft. minimum, must be in boxes)
  • Carpet & Rugs (NEW ONLY)
  • Paint (full cans only)
  • Lighting/Fans (MUST have all necessary mounting brackets, blades off)
  • Electrical (outlets, switch plates, breaker boxes and switches, etc…)
  • Furniture (good condition/NO odor, pet hair, rips, stains, tears)
  • Patio Furniture (good condition, no rust)
  • Office Furniture (SMALL desk only, filing cabinets, chairs)
  • Mattresses/Box springs (no stains, tears, odor)
  • Tools (gently used)
  • Hardware (knobs, hinges ,etc. MUST BE COMPLETE)
  • Lumber/Building materials (all nails and screws must be removed)
  • Hurricane Shutters (NO RUST)
  • Roof Tiles (must do a complete roof, palletized with forklift)
  • Bicycles (complete & in good condition)


  • Jacuzzi tubs (unless new)
  • Dishwashers
  • Clothing
  • Tubs (oversized or corner)
  • Toys
  • Televisions (unless flat screens less than 4 years old)
  • Books
  • Office Electronics (printers, faxes, copiers)
  • Office Furniture (conference tables, partitions)
  • Water beds
  • FORMICA furniture of any kind
  • Hospital beds/electrical beds
  • Fabric window/wall treatments (curtains, cornices)
  • Baby items (strollers, cribs, car seats, etc)
  • Home electronics (VCR, DVD, computers, stereos)
  • Kitchenware (pots/pans, silverware)
  • Medical supplies
  • Wallpaper
  • “Custom made/built” furniture
  • GAS operated appliances
  • *Exercise equipment
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Arcade items (pool tables, foosball tables, etc)
  • Wall units that DO NOT adjust (to fit any size TV)