1)     Construction – Is responsible for supporting the construction department determining best practices and identifying talent that is occasionally needed to improve the affiliate’s building process.
Committee Chair-Eduardo Caballero
Staff Contact-Alex Nesar –alex@habitatbroward.org

2)     Development – Is responsible for identifying resources and recommending action to acquire the resources to raise funds and gift-in-kind donations from corporations, churches, individuals, foundations and through special events to support affiliate’s annual and long-range goals and objectives.  Participates in donor appreciation activities.
Committee Chair-George Barbar
Staff Contact-Barbara Witte – barbara@habitatbroward.org

3)     Executive – Is responsible for making decisions which would otherwise be Board decisions during the period between board meetings, on matters which are of an important or routine nature and cannot or should not wait until the next board meeting. Any matters that are referred to the Board may also come to this Committee first, at the request of the Executive Director or any board member. If necessary, assuming that board approval will be forthcoming, the Committee may act prior to specific board approval on certain issues. However, if board approval cannot be fairly assumed, an emergency board meeting, either in person, emails, video chat, or by telephone conference call, shall be held. In any event, all actions taken by the Executive Committee between board meetings shall be brought before the Board at its next regular meeting. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the officers of the Corporation (Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) the chairman of the Legal Committee, Construction Committee, and the Re-Store Committee. The past chair may sit on this committee, at the request of the current chair.

4)     Family Selection – Hosts annual information meeting to determine program eligibility for potential family partners. In addition, the committee provides HFHB Board of Directors recommendation for approval of family partners. Final decisions regarding Habitat partner families will be made at a regularly scheduled meeting by a majority of board members present. A quorum of the Board must be present for such meetings.
Committee Chair-Kris Rich
Staff Contact-Marcia Barry-Smith-marcia@habitatbroward.org

5)     Family Support – Is responsible for providing support and education to Habitat families for successful home ownership. Trains and oversees homeowner mentors, who support and advocate for families in the HFHB program.
Committee Chair- Kris Rich
Staff Contact-Marcia Barry-Smith-marcia@habitatbroward.org

6)     Finance – Is responsible for analyzing and reporting the Corporations financial status to the Board.  Including, but not limited to, reporting any financial irregularities, cash flow analysis while recommending the appropriate action to be taken with regard to improving the affiliates financial status, including investments. Ensures that organization is financially strong, able to meet financial objectives and support current and future growth of the affiliate. Works with the finance director and executive director in determining and recommending the annual budget, audit and tax returns.
Committee Chair-Stephen Palmer

7)     Habitat Young Professionals (HYP) – Raises awareness to educate and engage individuals in the community who are not familiar with Habitat’s mission, creates ways for people to get involved with Habitat outside of the construction site, and raises money to support Habitat’s programs and services.
Committee Chair-Alex Buschmann
Staff Contact-Gina Caballero – gina@habitatbroward.org

8)     Land Acquisition – Helps identify land and site improvement costs in order to make recommendations to the Board for land purchases.
Staff Contact-Alex Nesar- alex@habitatbroward.org

9)     Legal/Personnel –Is responsible for providing or obtaining legal guidance when needed on personnel issues, real estate guidance, debt collection and risk management that arise for the affiliate and recommends best course of action.  Reviews and recommends policies and procedures for the affiliates’ employees.
Committee Chair-Kelly Kolb

10)   Nomination – Is responsible for vetting names and making recommendations to the Board of outstanding community leaders that will assist the affiliate achieve its goals either as Board Members or Honorary Board Members.

11)   ReStore – Is responsible for helping with development and implementation of a marketing plan for the ReStore.
Committee Chair-  John Romandetti
Staff Contact-Casey Huber

12)   Strategic Planning – Is responsible for the overall management of the new strategic plan for the affiliate.
Committee Chair-Kelly Kolb

13)   Tithe – Raises awareness of global housing issues and support provision of resources to address difficult housing worldwide.  Makes recommendations for which country HFHB’s Annual Tithe will be applied.

14)   Volunteer – Is responsible for raising awareness and fulfilling volunteer opportunities throughout the affiliate. Works directly with the volunteer manager and other established volunteers within the volunteer organization. Makes recommendations to enhance volunteer experience.
Committee Chair-
Staff Contact-Gina Caballero – gina@habitatbroward.org

15)   Other Committees – The Board may from time to time establish committees for specific periods or functions without changing these Bylaws.