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10 Benefits Showing Why Education Is Important to Our Society

Do you think attending school and doing projects for your college is a waste of time? If you do, you might want to reconsider that claim as education is a key part of a society’s growth and progress. When people are educated, they can significantly contribute to their families and society in various aspects and […]

Large Furniture Donation Pickup – Where to Donate?

Are you moving house and do not have enough space for some of your old furniture in your new home? You are probably now wondering what to do with these pieces of furniture. How about donating your furniture and thus helping out someone in need?   Reasons for Donating Furniture  Bear in mind that you cannot […]

Absolute vs Relative Poverty: Understanding Different Types of Poverty

There are lots of poor people all around the world. They do not have enough (financial) resources to lead normal lives and meet basic needs. These people are deprived of access to healthy food, water, electricity, shelter, education, healthcare, etc.  Although the USA is considered one of the richest countries in the world, there are […]

Plan Your Year-End Gifts

We encourage you to be thoughtful as you plan your year-end gifts. Remember, there are options to giving cash which may offer greater benefits to you and your family. Here are a few. Real estate: Held more than one year, you can donate land, a home, condo or other property to Habitat Broward and possibly […]

Preparing Your Household Items for Donation And Pick Up

Would you like to donate household items that you no longer need? If you have considered donating to Habitat Broward ReStore, you are going to help build homes for families. However, we know that some pieces are very bulky and thus cannot simply be placed in a bag or a box and transported to us. […]

6 Differences Between For-Profit and Nonprofit Organizations

Have you ever wondered what exactly is the difference between for-profit and nonprofit organizations? As suggested by their names, it is easy to understand that the main difference is connected with the profits of these organizations. However, it has nothing to do with whether they make profit or not, but rather with the following:  Purpose […]

JM Family Enterprises, Inc. and Habitat Broward Partner to Increase Play Opportunities for Pompano Beach Kids

CONTACT: Habitat for Humanity of Broward: Robyn Harper | (954) 396-3030, ext. 228 | robyn@habitatbroward.org JM Family Enterprises, Inc.: Lauren Fyke | (954)648-5462 | lauren.fyke@jmfamily.com KaBOOM!: Tamara Grider | 202-464-6196 | tgrider@kaboom.org POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – On Saturday, October 12, more than 200 volunteers from JM Family Enterprises, Inc., Habitat for Humanity of Broward and […]

9 Things to Donate When You Are Renovating

Are you getting your house renovated? If you are trying to refresh your home and bring in some new positive energy along the way, we would like to suggest you donate items to the Habitat for Humanity. It will make all the difference to your community. You might consider some of the material trash, but […]