Common Thrift Store Finds That Work Great for DIY Projects

If you are one of those people who like to get creative and immerse themselves in DIY projects then old pawn shops and thrift stores can be literal gold mines for you. Truth be told, there are a lot of awesome finds waiting for you and your next thrift store DIY project, however, in order to really get the most out of your next thrift store shopping spree, you need to keep on open mind. 

What are we talking about? There are a lot of common items at a thrift store and sometimes, it’s difficult to see its potential as your next ornament, piece of furniture, or whatever else you had in mind for your thrift store DIY. At Habitat for Humanity Broward Restore, you can find new or gently used furniture and home appliances for a fraction of their retail price!

Sometimes, all these thrift store finds need is a new coat of paint, a good clean, or just an entirely new context.

And to give you that context, we’ve compiled a list of a few great thrift shop finds that you can use for your next DIY project. 


Pieces of art are hard to beat when we’re talking about thrift store DIYs. With the right creative approach, clustered artwork can make for a fine design or even for an entire collection. By going one step further and adding a few subtle changes to these cheap pieces of art, you can create a totally unique collection of sometimes bizarre, but eye-catching creations. 


These items are easy to find and some of the vintage ones are pretty cool by themselves and can work perfectly in your home design. On the other hand, they can make for great occasional tables in some circumstances.  

Dining Chairs and Table

Dining Chairs and Table

Whether you need a single chair or a whole set, chances are, you’ll find them at thrifts stores, even though you might need to repaint, stain, and reupholster them. Tables can also make fine additions for your kitchen, dining room, or if you already have one, they can be repurposed as desks. 


Older, vintage lamps can make a fine addition to your furniture by themselves, though sometimes, you’ll need to change the shade and clean them thoroughly. Broken lamps can be rewired simply and if you buy more, you can get really creative with them and use them for your next art project. 

There you have it. These items will make for a great DIY project and some of them may be ready for use out of the box (out of the store, in this case). If you feel inspired for DIY fun, be sure to visit our ReStore to find great deals on new and gently used items. You won’t be disappointed. 

9 Quarantine Crafts and DIY’s to Try at Home

The Corona outbreak hit all of us hard and now the vast majority of people are staying at home a whole lot more. The problem is, staying at home can get a bit uneventful. Hang in there, there are still good ways to “kill time.” Luckily, we are here to show you 9 quarantine creative DIY projects, some productive things to do at home and crafts to do when you’re bored.

1. Free Topic Art Project

There are tons of fun at-home crafts you can do with a quick (safe) trip to your nearest crafts and art store to grab some items that inspire and let the fun commence! 

You can paint, knit, draw, etc. Don’t get anxious if you’re not that handy with paintbrushes. Just go ahead and explore your inner artist and try to find sources of inspiration to keep you going. You’ll see that with time, you’ll get better and better at your craft projects.

2. Make Greeting Cards

If drawing and painting isn’t your thing, you can also create greeting cards either by designing them yourself or by using family photos, old drawings, etc. On the other hand, you can use an online editing software for this purpose. This makes the process much faster, enabling you to create more great designs. Also, chances are you’ll be more productive and have lots of fun during the process.

2. Make Greeting Cards

3. Repurpose Old Furniture

The internet is full of awesome DIY projects and a lot of them target home improvement. Find used furniture (or grab those pieces that you don’t use anymore) and see how you can give them a new life with a design twist or repurpose. You can transform your old sliding closet into a stand for musical instruments. Even if you’re not a musician yourself, you probably know someone who can use it in the family. 

Create a workbench from your old dining table and set it up in the garage. Look around and see what parts of the house need some retouching and try it yourself. YouTube is full of great DIY tips and tricks and Habitat for Humanity of Broward’s ReStore is a treasure trove of new and gently used items you can pick up for an amazing price. If you’re looking for cool, eclectic stuff you can transform into something fresh, drop by the ReStore.

4. Start an Indoor Garden

Now, this might sound like something difficult, but it’s actually not! In a few simple steps, you can turn your backyard into your own walk-in mini-grocery store. Just grab a few basic gardening tools and seeds and you’re halfway there. Make a list of the veggies and spices you’d want to grow and buy them either at your nearest store or online. If you don’t have a backyard, you can still plant them in your home – place your plants near the window and watch them grow and beautify your space little by little. With enough patience, you will soon harvest your own crops!

5. Create Your Own Family Tree

Do this with your kids for a great family activity. You just need a few pencils and a bigger piece of paper. Start by drawing a three and list family members on the different branches. Use the family records you have at home, reach out to loved ones if you get stuck and feel free to get as creative with the design as you wish. Also, by listing family members, you can tell stories about your ancestor to your kids. They’ll have heaps of fun while doing it, and they will learn about their family history.

6. Design Your In-House Gymnasium

Gym class is also out of the question since schools are closed. However, your kids still need to be physically active and fit. 

With just a few creative tricks, they’ll be back to being active and having fun in no time. You don’t need any special equipment, you can use what you have around the house. 

Leave little notes around the house and have your children look around for them. Write easy exercises on the notes like: “perform 3 jumping jacks”, “do 2 squats”, “do 3 one-legged stands”, etc. This is a better method for reintroducing physical activity to their lives than simply ordering them to do so.

To make it even more exciting for them, you can join the fun too! 

7. Organize the House and the Garage

Chances are, there are a few chores around the house you’ve been putting off waiting for the “perfect moment.” With the outbreak, all your excuses are gone and plenty of time to do it is here. 

Reorganizing your drawers, your tool shed, garage, and pantry, for example, are great ways to keep yourself busy and be productive at the same time. 

This is also a great way to get rid of stuff you don’t use any more (you can give them away too) and redesign your living spaces. Feel free to move some furniture around, see which arrangements work best. This is the cheapest way to change the atmosphere in your home and will keep you occupied. 

8. Make Face Masks

This one can be quite useful, given the situation. Try making face mask from fabric you have lying around the house. There are quite a few great tutorials out there on the internet, and the masks can give you proper protection whenever you need to leave the house.

8. Make Face Masks

9. Start Writing 

This might not be a craft or DIY project, but journaling can be equally fun and challenging. You can start writing a diary, documenting your everyday life during the outbreak. Write down the latest news, what’s happening at home, and how you feel. Later on, when all this is over, you can use it as a source of inspiration to see what you’ve been through and can also serve as a statement to reinforce your positive outlook on life. 

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring and shouldn’t leave you feeling trapped and anxious. There’s an enormous number of different DIY and craft projects you can start to scare the boredom away and to help you pass the time. The key here is to find something you get excited about and isn’t too demanding. You want to have fun while doing these projects, it should not come as a source of discomfort and unnecessary suffering. Keep it simple and keep it fun! 

For more great articles and ideas (like learning about the benefits of spring cleaning), feel free to keep on browsing on our blog section. Stay safe.