Homeowner Tashaundra Helps Children

Tashaundra and her son moved into their Habitat home this past June. A Broward County teacher, she also worked at the Boys and Girls Club to supplement her income and help local children. When COVID closed the club, she began tutoring and counseling. “My heart truly ached for my second-graders. Tutoring them individually gave me a new perspective on learning. I was able to see what my students have to overcome in their home environments. It made me even more thankful for the home I have today,” she said.” Tashaundra also began counseling children through crisis. “Kids need someone to talk to in this difficult time. We started with virtual sessions, then began counseling in small groups with safety precautions.” Tashaundra shares that her son had a hard time accepting the new “COVID world,” but says he is adjusting and understands that safety comes first. “As humans we cannot survive without touch. For now, God is making a way. I see his hand in my daily travels along this journey called life. I am blessed, and hope to be a blessing to others in this time of trial.”

Meet Shundria and Keith McCoy

Future Rick Case Habitat Community Homeowners

Home Sponsor: Marine Industries Association of South Florida (MIASF)

Shundria and Keith McCoy were born to help others. Both work at Memorial Regional Hospital, where Shundria is a teacher at the childcare center and Keith is a paramedic in the ER. Keith loves the medical field and wants to further his career. He is applying to become a firefighter and also plans to go back to school to become a nurse.

This family is the “real McCoy.” They actively give back to their community and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves. Shundria plays a big role in Church by the Glades’ Women’s Bible Study, while Keith mentors young men to become leaders.

They are proud of the hard work they put into paying off their debts. Their children Keith, 18, Keron, 15, and Kylie, 12 are grateful for their parents’ love and dedication to their family. Keith Jr. followed in his parents’ footsteps of giving back and enlisted in the U,S. Army. He was just deployed following “boot camp” in January 2020. Keron is a mentee in the Kappa League and Kylie is a cadet in Girl Scouts USA…all born leaders!

Family time is important to both Keith and Shundria and they like to relax by fishing, playing sports and going to the beach. Just being together is what makes them happy.

Keith and Shundria say being involved in Habitat Broward makes them feel proud and accomplished. Owning a home is important to them because it is an investment and gives them a place to call their own.

McCoy family with photo of son Keith

McCoy family with photo of son Keith, Jr., who is serving in the U.S. Army

Get to Know Tiesha Duncan, Future A Rick Case Community Homeowner

Tiesha Duncan is a single mother of two beautiful children – Jordan (11) and Jayda (7). She has worked as a medical assistant for Holy Cross Medical Group for the last ten years, assisting the OBGYN group with its patients. The close-knit family of three enjoy cozy movie nights on the couch while eating popcorn and are members of Calvary Chapel.

After being forced to move out by the father of her children, Tiesha had to move in with her mother. With the limited space, there is little to no privacy. Jordan sleeps in the guestroom on a day bed, while she and Jayda share a room.

“There is nothing like having a place to grow memories and to be in a stable environment,” says Tiesha about becoming a homeowner. Now Tiesha can finally have the opportunity to begin building a foundation for her and her children. “I’ve been attending the Homebuyer education classes and my kids enjoy the Blueprints for Life program,” says Tiesha about Habitat Broward’s homeownership process.

With the money she will save from her low cost, zero percent mortgage, Tiesha will be able to focus on resuming her attendance at Broward College, to complete her Bachelors of Nursing degree. With their new home, Jordan and Jayda can enjoy more privacy in their own rooms, and Tiesha can provide a stable environment for her kids to grow up in.

Meet the Mckinney Family: Future A Rick Case Community Homeowners, Sponsored by WSVN Channel 7

Tyrone and Edna are the proud parents of two young men – Tyrone Jr. (16) and Coby – (15). Tyrone has worked as a delivery driver for Kennesaw for the last five years and Edna has dedicated over 18 years of hard work as the Registrar for William Dandy Middle School. Tyrone Sr. coaches at Northeast High and the American Youth Football League. As a family, they attend Redeeming Word Christian Ministry.

Currently, they are renting a two bedroom house in an unsafe neighborhood. “My car has been broken into three times,” shares Edna. They’ve spent hundreds of dollars on home repairs and maintenance because their landlord refuses to do so.

“We want a place to call home,” Edna says. Now that they’ve been accepted into the Habitat program, Edna and Tyrone can look forward to being the first of their siblings to be homeowners. They’ve already completed 300 sweat equity hours, and Tyrone and Coby have gone beyond expectation as team leaders in the youth Blueprints for life program. With the money they will be saving from their low-cost monthly mortgage, Edna will be able to go back to school to pursue a degree in Psychology.

The Brown Family Spotlight: Future A Rick Case Community Homeowners

Krystal is the single mother of two children – Kelvin (11) and Chrishanti (9). After the passing of her sister, Krystal gained custody of her nephew – Jhaden (13), turning them into a family of four. She’s worked as the Supervisor for Walmart for the last eight years. Kelvin and Jhaden play for the Panthers at Pasadena Lakes Park.

Currently, the family of four lives with Krystal’s mother while they work on their new home in Pompano Beach and save money.

“Homeownership means not having to move every time the lease is up, forcing my kids to switch schools,” shares Krystal. It’s the reason homeownership is important to her. Now that she has been accepted into the Habitat Broward program, Krystal can begin creating new memories and a stable foundation. As the first in her family to become a homeowner, she can begin saving money for her family’s future thanks to her affordable, zero percent interest mortgage.

Get to Know First-Time A Rick Case Community Homeowner, Victoria Griffin

Victoria is a single mother of two vibrant boys – Xavion (9) and Javares (5). She’s been affiliated with Boca Regional for 15 years and currently works as a Patient Access Representative.

The family of three are members of Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church and enjoy watching movies together in Victoria’s free time. The Griffin family come from a close-knit family and the boys also love spending time with their cousins.

The Griffin family live in a cramped home and are eager to have their own rooms.

Now that Victoria has been accepted into the Habitat Broward program, she can look forward to being the first in her family to become a homeowner. “I want to show my boys that nothing is impossible when you work hard,” says Victoria.


Meet Erneika Mejia’s Family

Erneika Mejia is a single mother of four wonderful children – Ny’Kietria (17), Ja’Cari (16) (not pictured), Gregory (13), and Chanel (11). She has worked as the Financial Crime Specialist for Wells Fargo Bank’s Pompano Beach branch for nine years. Her son Gregory is part of the Keystone club of the Boys and Girls Club and Chanel is a Girl Scout.

The vibrant family of five currently reside in a small apartment in an unsafe neighborhood. “There’s a lot of crime and several reported murders,” Erneika shares. In fact, Erneika was the victim of a shooting a few years ago. It was then she decided that she had to find a safe, stable place for her children.

“I want to be able to have something that I can give to my kids as an inheritance,” says Erneika about becoming a homeowner. Now that she has been accepted into the Habitat Broward program, Erneika is well on her way to becoming the first in her family to own a home.

“I want to teach my kids the importance of homeownership,” Erneika says. With the money she will save from her zero-interest mortgage, Erneika can begin focusing on going back to school to pursue a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

Future Homeowner Leads with Giving Spirit

Ma’Oumba is the proud mother of four children: Sidney (10), Kiema (9), Tembe (8), and Nayden (7). She works as a Customer Service Representative and is currently enrolled at Broward College in the biomedical engineering program. Believing that education will help her secure a brighter future for her family, Ma’Oumba also believes that being a homeowner will give her the peace of mind she never had.  Described as a community leader, Ma’Oumba has already put in over 100 extra sweat equity hours and has helped each future homeowner with the building of their homes.

A hard-working single mother who always has a smile on her face and a can-do attitude, Ma’Oumba plans to volunteer on all of the homes in the Community.


One Woman’s Legacy Helps Family Achieve Dream of Home

Patrice and Antron Jones are happily settled into their Habitat home after moving from rental to rental for years, in search of an affordable place to call home. Patrice and Antron both work full-time for a major grocery store. But even their combined, full-time wages could not secure them a decent home. They have three children: Armani (9), Antron, Jr. (4) and Eva (2). And when Antron’s sister fell very ill, they adopted her daughter Zamariyah (10), making them a family of six. Achieving a home for their family was just a dream until Pauline M. Weinacht’s legacy made it possible.

Pauline Weinacht was born and raised in Indiana and ultimately found her home in the Chicago area. She worked at a bank and was happily married, until her husband’s untimely death at age 42. Pauline needed help with her financial planning, so she turned to her parents’ advisor, Jerry Horwitz. Jerry stepped in to help her manage her assets so that she could live comfortably with financial security. “When it became clear to me that Pauline would not outlive her assets, I asked her what mattered to her most. If she could leave a charitable legacy, what would she like it to be?” explained Jerry. An avid gardener, Pauline said she would like to support gardens that promote earth’s amazing plant life. She also cared about families, shelter, children, and education. She welcomed a plan to make this happen.

In 2017, just three years after she passed away, Pauline Weinacht’s legacy provided life-changing gifts. The charitable fund created from her estate supported botanical gardens in her hometown, and it also sponsored Patrice and Antron Jones’ Habitat house.

Mrs. Weinacht’s legacy got their home out of the ground, enabling Patrice and Antron to get an affordable, zero-interest, 30-year mortgage from Habitat Broward, after putting in their sweat equity and meeting other program requirements. The Jones’ dream of a place to call home was finally realized. “It is so amazing to us that someone who we will never meet made our new life possible,” said Patrice. “Thinking of her fills our hearts with gratitude. We will never forget her.”

Patrice and Antron are also grateful to her advisor, who they were able to meet and thank personally. “It does not get any better than this,” shared Jerry. “I know Pauline would not be more overjoyed than to serve this Habitat family.”

To learn how you can leave a charitable legacy, please contact Brian Jones.

High School Students Help Sponsor Home

Give an overachiever a strong, sustainable mission with direction and support and the end result will be over the top success.  Meet Matthew Liebman, a senior at Cypress Bay High School who formed a campus chapter three years ago. Today it has 400 members. Matthew and the campus chapter members have worked tirelessly fundraising for Habitat for Humanity of Broward, which resulted in a check presentation for $17,000. Additionally, they are donating $2,000 to Habitat’s global work.

“I am so proud of these young adults who have given so much of their time and talents to help families build strength and stability through homeownership,” said Barbara Witte, Development Director for Habitat Broward who guided and cheered on the student team in their fundraising efforts.

Matthew is graduating in June and will be attending Florida State University, where he will get involved in the Tallahassee Habitat affiliate and plans on doing some advocating for affordable workforce housing at our capital.

The robust group of incoming officers at Cypress Bay High School are moving full speed ahead. Newly-elected president, Catalina Garcia, is already planning social media strategies to engage new members, fundraising campaigns, and volunteer opportunities.