Meet the Rachel Sims Family: Future Rick Case Habitat Community Homeowners

Rachel Sims is the single mother of five wonderful kids: Mikheal – 19, RaDaijha – 17, Raphael – 16, Ryan – 13, and Ry’Carri – 12. The hardworking mother currently has three jobs; she’s a lab technician for Holy Cross Hospital, a bus attendant for BCSBT, and a Recreational Aide for BCPR. They are all members of Mount Olive Baptist Church and Redeeming Work Christian Center. One of her many great memories is dropping her eldest daughter Ra’Daijha to college, “We all assisted in the move, which gave the younger ones something to look forward to” says Rachel.

Rachel and four of her children are currently separated due to a broken pipe that burst under the foundation of her home. “I live with a friend, the older boys reside with my father, and the younger boys live with my mother,” explains Rachel, who is currently in the process of finding a new place to rent.

Rachel will be the first in her family to become a homeowner. “As a child, I felt shifted because we moved so often. It feels so good to be able to show my kids it is all possible,” she says. With the money she will be saving from her low-cost mortgage and zero percent interest, Rachel plans on going back to school to become an EMT.

Matrix Imports (MIX) Supports Mission Through ReStore Donations

Juliano Rossetti, CEO of Matrix Imports, Inc., understands the significance of giving back. A Brazilian immigrant who came from humble beginnings, Mr. Rossetti has been donating MIX furnishings to the Broward Habitat ReStore on a quarterly basis for the past three years.

“We’ve built a close relationship with the employees who are extremely helpful,” said Mr. Rossetti. “Strengthening our partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Broward will afford us recognition, and also provide more opportunities to help families and communities that are less fortunate.”

“In a county where housing is unaffordable for most households, MIX’ gifts are especially meaningful.”

Mr. Rossetti designs and imports his own products from China and Europe. His vision is to create “furniture for the future,” while embracing the American tradition of home furnishing.

To see MIX furnishings and more, visit the Broward Habitat ReStore at 505 W. Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, or click here to learn more.

Elmore Legacy Provides a Forever Home for the Brown Family

Robert Elmore made a generous gift to help Habitat for Humanity of Broward purchase its ReStore more than a dozen years ago. He also had the foresight to direct a gift to Habitat from his estate, to help families in the future experience the joy of home. He could not have known whose lives he would change. For Mr. Elmore, it was enough to know that his planned gift would impact a deserving family in a powerful way, and change them for the better…forever.

Mr. Elmore’s daughters Cyndi Griffith, Nancy Demmery and Pam Hayes and grandson Christian Griffith visited the home made possible by their father’s planned gift during our Women Build Kick-Off in January. “We are thrilled to see what dad’s legacy has made happen,” said Pam. “It warms our hearts to know that Krystal Brown and her children will now have a forever home.”


Habitat future homeowner Krystal could not be more thankful. Mom to Kelvin (10) and Chrishanti (8), Krystal gained custody of her nephew Jhaden (12) after the passing of her sister. Krystal has worked as a department manager for Walmart for the last seven years and is grateful that her children will now be able to grow up in the same house and experience what it means to come to their own home at the end of a school day.

“What a beautiful gift from their family to ours,” shared Krystal. “There are no words to express my thanks.”


Meet the Lyons Family: Future Rick Case Habitat Community Homeowners in Pompano Beach

The Lyons Family

Theodore and Airmeathea Lyons are the proud parents of three; Caleb – 9, Ethan – 7 and London – 1. Theo has worked as a plumber for the Broward County School Board for the last four years. With three young children, Airmeathea is focused on caring for her family and home. The lively family of five enjoy spending lots of time together playing sports, going to the movies or spending a relaxing day at the beach. As an active member of their church, Theo serves as the Youth Pastor for the Children and Fellowship Ministry at Christian Life Church.

“We moved to Florida from Chicago by faith, with no idea of where we’d stay,” says Theo. Currently, the family of five live in a crowded two-bedroom one-bath apartment. “Living in a small space with a big family like ours, is often a challenge, which is why we are so happy we found Habitat for Humanity,” Theo explains.

The determined couple has been actively working on their sweat equity hours, attending family workshops while Caleb and Ethan are active members of Habitat Broward’s Blueprints4Life Program.

“We want to show our children anything is possible, even in the bleakest of situations” says Airmeathea. With the money they will save from their zero percent interest mortgage, Theo will be able to focus on completing his Bachelors in Public Management at Florida Atlantic University, and Airmeathea can look forward to completing her Bachelors in Business Management.

Family Feature: The King Family Is Ready to Move into Their Roosevelt Gardens Home

After living in an unsafe neighborhood, the King family is ready to start a new chapter in a Habitat home in Roosevelt Gardens that will provide a safe environment for this family of six.

McKenzie and Natasha King are the proud parents of four children; Curtis 17 (not pictured), Makayla 10, Madison 4, and Myles 2. For the last 12 years, Natasha has worked as an Inventory Clerk at Publix. McKenzie has worked as a maintenance worker for Broward County Schools for more than a year. They love taking trips to Orlando and each holiday season, the close-knit family sticks to a special holiday tradition of taking beautiful family portraits for Christmas.

“The flakka drug, which is the cheaper version of cocaine, is popular in our neighborhood,” said Natasha.  “Sometimes, God places you in an uncomfortable place in order to prepare you for something better.”

That time has finally arrived due to the generous Family Home sponsorship from our friends at Publix Super Markets Charities.

“So many doors have been closed in our face and now we get to have a ‘yes’ for once, and that is an awesome feeling,” said Natasha about being accepted into the Habitat program; making them the first in their families to become homeowners. With the money that they will save from their low-cost, zero interest mortgage, Mrs. King plans to go back to school so that she can give back to her community.

Meet Future Habitat Homeowner Taryn Reis

Taryn Reis,  the mother of four children, is a project coordinator for CAL Development where she has worked for the last eight years. When she is not working, she is caring for her family and studying for her BA at Palm Beach State College. In addition to their love for reading, her children enjoy a variety of sports such as basketball, football and swimming. The family is very close and they see their grandmother and great grandmother every day.
For vacations, Taryn and her three youngest visit their older sibling who is attending college in Orlando. Taryn and her children are currently living in a cramped apartment with plumbing, electrical and pest issues. They are beyond eager to begin building their future Habitat home and feel “blessed, joyful and thankful,” in Taryn’s words, for their Habitat family!

Meet Karnese Wring: Future Pompano Beach Homeowner

Karnese is the proud mother of four exceptional young men-Kencent 19, Travis 12, Leonard 11 and Trevon 5. For nine years, Karnese has been a dedicated employee working as an Insurance Specialist at Combined Resources and as the Lead Cashier for Home Depot. In addition to being a student at Broward College, her son Kencent is employed as the gym assistant at the local Boys and Girls Club and also finds time to give back to the community by  volunteering at the Jim and Jen March Club.

The close knit family are members of Radiant Living Worship Center and in their free time, they enjoy taking trips to Orlando or spending quality family time around the television. Before coming to Habitat, Karnese and her boys were living in a small apartment.

Thanks to the Family Home Sponsorship by JM Family Enterprises, they now have a spacious home to call their own. ”One of my dreams was to become a homeowner, which Habitat has helped make possible,” said Karnese. “Now I can focus on living a healthier lifestyle, and being a great mom!”

Meet Johntae Duncan’s Family: Future Habitat Homeowners Sponsored by JM Family Enterprises

Johntae Duncan is the proud mother of five beautiful children-Christopher 12, Christina 8, Christian 5, Mikalya 2, and Michael 1. In 2012, Johntae lost the father of her three eldest children, causing her to have to raise the children on her own. Then a few years after, she and the children were evicted from their home and were forced to live in a hotel for three months. Currently, they reside in a small 2-bedroom 2-bath apartment. The three older children sleep in one bedroom, while the two youngest children share a room with Johntae, “The apartment has mold,” she shared.

For the past four-years Johntae has worked as a Medical Assistant for Westide Primary Care-HCA and truly enjoys what she does. Her and the children are members of Compassion of Jesus Christ Church, Christopher and Christian play for the Pompano Chiefs football team and Christina is a cheerleader for the same team. For fun, they enjoy taking trips to Orlando and going to the local water park. Her fondest memory is when she took her children to watch the New Orleans Saints play in Tampa; “My sons really wanted to go, so I saved up enough money to take them as a late Christmas present,” says Johntae.

“My family goal for 2018 was to get a house of our own,” says Johntae about her dream of one day becoming a homeowner. Her dream is now coming true due to the generous Family Home Sponsorship from JM Family Enterprises. With the money that she will save from her 0% mortgage and low monthly payments, she can now begin focusing on going back to school to become a Registered Nurse and save for a vehicle with enough room for all her children.

Happy Father’s Day! Meet Jhonson St. Remy and His Family – New Washington Park Homeowners

This Father’s Day we are spotlighting one of our new Washington Park homeowners Jhonson St. Remy. Jhonson and his wife Carrol are the proud parents of five children: Tatianna 19, Isaiah 16, Carolyn 12, Janaiya 10, and Tamela 5.
“Habitat has made it possible for my children to have a place to call home,” said Jhonson ST. Remy. “They will not have to move from school to school, as I had to do. This will be their home. This is where their friends can come visit after school. This home means everything to our family.”
In addition to being a dedicated father, Jhonson served for five years in the United States Marine Corps, where his service title was Fabric Repair Specialist. Upon departure, he was ranked an E5 Sergeant and received the following award recognitions; Presidential Unit Citation, Overseas Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Naval Sea Service Medal, and the Operation Iraqi Freedom Service Medal.
The St. Remy family currently resides in a two bedroom apartment where all five kids sleep in one bedroom, while the grandparents either sleep with the kids or on an air mattress in their living room.

Due to the charitable Family Home sponsorship from our dear friends at The Restaurant People, the St. Remys now have a five bedroom house to call their own. “Without Habitat this could not have been possible,” Carrol shares.

The family has worked tirelessly in completing 300 volunteer hours and attending 12 homebuyer educational classes in preparation to becoming homeowners. “My husband and I are now pursuing higher education,” says Carrol, who is currently studying for her Bachelors in Biology and Jhonson in Accounting. With the money they will save from their low-cost monthly mortgage, Carrol can focus on her goal of becoming a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.  Also, Tatianna has graduated from high school and is looking forward to attending college, with being offered scholarships to six different universities!

Meet Krystal Brown: Future Rick Case Habitat Community Homeowner

Future Habitat homeowner Krystal Brown’s family expanded when she gained custody of her 12-year old nephew, Jhaden, after the passing of her sister. A single mom to her two children, Kelvin age 10 and Chrishanti age 8, and now Jhaden, Krystal is about to become the first in her family to become a homeowner.

For the past seven years, Krystal has been a Department Manager for Walmart and lives with her mom where all three children share one room. For fun, Kelvin and Jhaden play for the Panthers at Brian Piccolo Park and as a family, they enjoy taking trips to the theme parks in Orlando.

When asked why homeownership is so important to her, Krystal responds with, “Homeownership means not having to move every time the lease is up forcing my kids to switch schools.” Now that she has been accepted into the Habitat Broward program, Krystal will soon begin creating new memories and a stable foundation. As the first in her family to become a homeowner, she will be able to start saving money for her family’s future thanks to her low cost monthly mortgage at zero percent interest.