JM Family Enterprises Sponsors Home for the Doe Family

Kaytrinia Doe is the proud mother of three girls, Deaundria 14, Aundreya 11 and Kayleah 9. A former participant in the Take Stock in Children program, Kaytrinia was mentored by Nancy Botera of the Broward College Foundation from 10th grade on. The first in her family to go to college, Kaytrinia earned a degree in Criminal Justice from FAMU and has worked for the Aventura Police Department as their Public Records Specialist for the last two years.

Three years ago, her close-knit family was living with Kaytrinia’s grandmother and in tight quarters sleeping on air mattresses. They then moved to a three bedroom apartment on a busy street. “Since I’ve been living there, I had my vehicle stolen,” says Kaytrinia about the dangers of her neighborhood.

Kaytrinia looks forward to finally having a secure place to call home. When not working or in school, the family enjoys taking trips to Disney and going to the beach. Kaytrinia plans to build a big garden in her new home. “It’s a great feeling to know you have something tangible to leave to your children that will enhance their quality of life” says Kaytrinia about the opportunity to own her own home. That day has arrived sooner than Kaytrinia expected, due to her family’s Home Sponsorship by JM Family Enterprises. “I now will have a place that even my grandchildren will be able to share, and that will enhance their futures,” she says.

Florida Girls Give Back

Florida Girls Giving Back is a group of eleven girls ranging in age from 13 to 18. These dynamic community volunteers sponsored a Habitat Home this year—a tremendous gift for a volunteer-driven, teen organization. Additionally, the girls gave more than 300 hours of time and energy to build a home, designed by Habitat Broward to accommodate a special needs child. At the home dedication, new homeowner and hard-working mother of three Diana Williams shared, “This journey has been priceless. I will be the first of my siblings to own a house. Thanks to Florida Girls Giving back, my children now have a place to call home.” The Florida Girls Giving back came back this past fall to help landscape and paint the fence in the backyard.


Rosemary Duffy Larson’s Legacy Lives On: Meet the James Family

The dream of homeownership will soon become a reality for Eartha and Virgil James’ family, thanks to the thoughtful planning by Rosemary Duffy Larson, who in her lifetime  established a trust of more than $4 million to support Broward organizations, including Habitat for Humanity of Broward.

The Rosemary Duffy Larson Trust and trustee Alan Ruf have partnered with Church By The Sea to construct the James’ home in Pompano Beach. “With more than two dozen dedicated volunteers from Church By The Sea who are donating their time to help build the home, we are doing exactly what Rosemary envisioned when she established the Trust – affecting positive change to better our community.”

After years of moving from place to place, the James family began the Habitat homeowner application process in 2016. “Prior to applying for the program we had already started taking the necessary steps to purchase a home,” said James. “We attended the first-time homeowner workshop and gained all the knowledge we needed to successfully complete the process.”

With three children, two boys ages 12 and 7 and a girl age 5, Eartha explains that becoming a homeowner has affected her family in so many positive ways. “It has given us a sense of security, stability, togetherness and appreciation,” said James.

Each day, Eartha drives by to take a photo and document the progress of her family’s home. “My photo album will show our kids all the hard work that EVERYONE put into it and why we should take care of and appreciate our home,” said James. “Witnessing the transformation from a vacant lot to our future forever home is a blessing, it’s amazing, it’s a dream come true.”

The Jameses owe their good fortune to the trust established by the late Rosemary Duffy Larson. An Ohio native, Rosemary traveled the world extensively, but found her joy in Fort Lauderdale where she sought to enrich and improve the lives of our children, our families and our community through service and generous financial support. Rosemary was one of 300 women selected to participate in the “Women’s Role in Politics” conference at the White House, and she was dedicated to political and civic engagement causes in Broward County. Through her trust, Rosemary has helped support many causes throughout Broward County including the arts, education and, of course, affordable housing for Habitat families.

Family Feature: Homeowner Valerie Hill Pays Off Her Mortgage

Eighteen years ago, single mom Valerie Hill had been moving from house to house in search of her dream home. In her mind, it would have a window in her kitchen that overlooked part of the neighborhood and a big backyard for her three young children to play in. After years of praying to God, she began to despair and thought her dream would never materialize. Once she heard about the Habitat Homeowners program, however, she took a leap of faith and applied, and her prayers were answered when she was accepted.

Habitat made all of Valerie’s house requests possible. She has raised all three of her children in her very own home and has made unforgettable memories there. And all three daughters have earned college degrees. Since becoming a Habitat Homeowner, Valerie has moved from a minimum wage job to a position as a mid-level school board employee. Now with her mortgage paid, she is no longer dreaming of homeownership, but living a dream made possible through Habitat for Humanity.

Home Dedication: Lee Family

Homeowners in Pompano Beach

October 21, 2017


Before Vonetta Lee joined the Habitat program, she and her beautiful daughter were living with her parents. As part of Habitat Broward, she played an active role in helping others’ dreams come true by assisting in building homes. Her generosity and willingness to help in her community would eventually lead to her receiving a decent and affordable place to call home.

Due to the help of our generous sponsor, Vonetta and her daughter, along with six other families, received a house of their own. “For the first time in my life, I am now able to own a real piece of the American dream, in a country that l love and hold very dear to my heart,” says Vonetta.

Home Sponsored by American Express Foundation &  Homeownership for All

Home Dedication: Lopez Family

Homeowners in Pompano Beach

October 21, 2017


Prior to coming to Habitat, Gloria Lopez and her two children, Tyler, 19, and Tayler, 16, were living with her parents. She works in transportation for Broward County Public schools and enjoys going to the movies and bowling with her children.

As a single parent of two, Gloria began to lose hope that she’d ever be a future homeowner. When she applied to the Habitat Broward program for the first time, she stood in line from 8 p.m. to midnight waiting to do her interview. That is why when she received the call from Nancy Daly that her family was selected, she felt an overwhelming sense of joy.

Sunbeam/WSVN Channel 7 is happy to play a part in making Gloria’s dream of having a home come true. She can now offer her family a stable environment in which to grow up and can begin saving money, thanks to Habitat’s zero percent interest mortgage (her words, not ours).

Home Sponsored by Sunbeam Television/WSVN-Channel 7.

Home Dedication: Dorothy Smith Family

Home Dedication, Pompano Beach – October 21, 2017




On October 21, 2017, Dorothy (Dede) Smith, and her two children ages 17 and five, received the keys to their brand new home. For the past 10 years, Dorothy has worked as a general merchandiser at Winn-Dixie. Working overtime to fund her daughter’s daycare and to ensure all her bills were paid, Dorothy dreamed of owning a home, one she could call her own and pass on to her children. The Smith’s dreams for the future came true on October 21, 2017 when they, along with six other families, received the keys to their brand new home. We congratulate Dorothy and her children for their hard work and dedication to become homeowners…just in time for the holidays!

Home Sponsored by Wadsworth Family Foundation


Home Dedication: The LaVenture Family

Homeowners in Pompano Beach

October 21, 2017


Daniela LaVenture is the proud mother of two beautiful children: 14-year-old daughter Carla and 11-year-old son Lanrewaju. After having worked as a nursing assistant for more than 10 years, Daniela decided to go back to school to receive her LPN certification and will be taking her exam soon. Lanrewaju loves playing football, while Carla likes going to the beach. A close family, they enjoy taking trips to Disney World and New York. Daniela has struggled to pay rent with little to no support from friends and family.

Daniela never thought she would be able to afford her own home. The gift of a Habitat home from Ultimate Software on October 21, 2017 gave her the strength and independence she needed to create a better life for herself and her family.

Home Sponsored by Ultimate Software. 

Home Dedication: Meet Shakeda and Family

Homeowners in Pompano Beach

October 21, 2017

Shakeda Williams is the proud mother of two precious kids, Henry and Ayden. Henry is a very playful little boy and is currently learning how to swim, while Ayden enjoys going to the playground and swinging on the swings.

Possessing a resilient spirit, Shakeda applied to Habitat in 2010, but soon realized that she was not ready to take that step. She and her family were living next to a busy street, and the small apartment afforded little to no room for personal family time, so she knew she needed to keep a Habitat home as her goal.

Fast forward to 2017, and Shakeda is becoming a Habitat homeowner, thanks to Burdette Beckman, Inc. She will now have the opportunity to sit at a dinner table with her children for dinner for the first time since they’ve been born. She has joined the Broward County School Board IT department, which now provides her with full benefits. “I want to be able to provide structure for my family, and I will be the first in my family to purchase my own home,” Shakeda said. Now that she has an added peace of mind, she can give more focus on pursuing her bachelor’s degree in social work.

Home Sponsored by Burdette Beckmann, Inc. (BBi).

Home Dedication: Meet the Watts Family

Home Dedication, Pompano Beach – October 21, 2017


Oriel, an Assistant Customer Service Manager at Publix, is the beautiful mother of four children, Brent 18, Bree 16, Shawn 14 and Toquan 12. Three years ago she gained custody of her niece, Diana, 12; creating a strong family of six. Her fondest memory is when Toquan spoke his first words, even though when he was born, doctors told her that he would never be able to talk.

For the last ten years, they lived in an unsafe neighborhood and have had to witness the severe violence that often took place just steps from their front door. After her son Brent was attacked by a group of classmates on his way home from school, Oriel knew she had to do everything possible to provide her family with a home of their own where there would be peace, and above all safety.

On October 21, 2017, Oriel and six other families received the keys to their new Habitat homes in Pompano Beach. Thanks to their perseverance, and our generous partners, they now have a safe place to call home.

Home Sponsored by Publix Charities