Top 7 Facts About Storm Shutters

You don’t have to wait for bad weather warnings to prepare your home for a natural disaster and invest in hurricane storm panels. This is especially true if you live in Florida, Texas, and North Carolina, the top three states in the US prone to hurricanes. There are still misconceptions about types of hurricane shutters or how readily available they are, but hopefully, Habitat for Humanity hurricane storm panels will change all that.

Let’s dive straight into everything you need to know about storm shutters, aka hurricane shutters.

1. Hurricane Storm Panels Are Effective Protection Against Storms and Strong Winds

Hurricanes are no laughing matter. The US hurricane season is generally considered to fall between June and November, although storms can happen in any month. Hurricanes affect public infrastructure, cause floods, and destroy crops. They also decrease the quality of life, leaving millions without electricity for days on end. On top of all that, having hurricane shutters is known to make a difference between life and death. Hence, we should esteem hurricane shutters for their effective protection against strong winds and storms. They shield the most vulnerable entry points of a home, such as windows and doors.

2. Hurricane Storm Shutters Prevent Glass Breakage

There’s no better way to protect an exposed window and everything behind that window than utilizing the best hurricane shutters available. Windows don’t just break from strong wind or a falling tree. Instead, flying debris breaks the glass and allows the elements to enter and wreak havoc inside a home. That said, hurricane storm panels protect the items in your home and all the occupants inside it.

Pastel Pink Yellow Colorful Shutter Windows Architecture Exterior of House

3. Hurricane Storm Panels Can Save You Money

In 2018 and 2019, hurricanes caused 70 billion dollars in damage. If that’s not staggering, hurricane Harvey alone caused approximately 125 billion dollars in damage.

It’s not hard to do the math if you decide to buy affordable Habitat for Humanity hurricane storm panels available in their ReStore shops compared to the savings you make concerning potential damages.

Another important thing to note is that you could end up paying less in damages if your insurance company covers you because they know you are taking preventative measures by installing different types of hurricane shutters. If you live in an area where storms frequently damage homes, most insurance companies won’t even take a second look at you if you don’t already have hurricane shutters in place. 

4. Hurricane Shutters Can Increase Resale Value

Hurricane shutters can increase the resale value of your home if you ever consider selling it by increasing the curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to the attractive nature of the property and its surroundings visible from the street.

The best hurricane shutters boost your home’s value because of their aesthetic, their practicality, and the general necessity in hurricane-prone areas.

Having said that, you must also be responsible for maintaining your hurricane storm panels. Make sure that they are in proper working order before a storm. And if a storm has ravaged your hurricane shutters, you may need to fix them before you put up your house for sale.

We also recommend that you open and clean your hurricane shutters at least once every six months. Take them down to prevent premature wear and tear. Do not keep them up all year round for safety reasons, as they may be difficult to maneuver in case of a fire emergency.

5. There Are Different Types of Hurricane Shutters

While Habitat for Humanity hurricane shutters are popular and have helped families in the past by providing them with heavily discounted prices, if you have the means to browse hurricane shutters at your leisure, you’ll be happy to know that there are several types you can choose from.

Hurricane Panels at ReStore

The hurricane panels we sell are the most affordable types of panels on the market. Shutters are an investment that will keep you safe for years to come. We sell recycled aluminum and steel shutters at a discounted rate to serve low-income families. Safety is inclusive at ReStore, prepare for the next storm and invest in your safety. Contact us with any questions you may have. 

Accordion Style Hurricane Shutters

Suitably named for their resemblance to an accordion, these hurricane shutters are helpful in curved or exterior construction areas. They have a bottom and top track where the wheels slide along to open, close, and lock the shutters in place. They can offer added protection from looting after a storm as well as security at night. 

Colonial and Bahamas Storm Shutters

These shutters have a charming appeal to them. Some homeowners add Colonial shutters even if they live in non-hurricane areas to boost the charm of their home. Colonial shutters can be easily installed in homes that are still under construction or existing homes. They come in many different colors and sizes, and they’re also suitable for controlling the amount of light that enters inside. You will notice that colonial shutters are installed on both sides of a window while Bahamas-style shutters push out from the windows. They often need extra fortification before a storm to prevent water leaks. 

Rolling Style Shutters

It’s not uncommon to spot rolling-style shutters on commercial buildings and offices, but they are also available for home installation. Rolling shutters employ an automatic or manual system. Some rolling shutters are insulated. They are made from two sheets of steel with foam between them. Rolling style shutters provide strong damage prevention because of their heavy metal coating, and some people consider them the best hurricane shutters available.

6. Hurricane Shutters Are Energy Efficient

Beautiful Street Lamp Against a Yellow Wall With Green Shutters on the Windows in the Mediterranean Style

An often overlooked feature of hurricane shutters is their energy efficiency considering that they can keep out excessive UV rays. If you live in a very sunny area, you understand what it means to look for a shady place during a very hot day. Your home may have many windows, which means that the sun can easily penetrate your home interior. As such, these shutters provide shade and can significantly cool your home down, decreasing your need to crank up the AC. And who doesn’t want to keep their monthly utility bill down?

7. Hurricane Shutters Give Privacy and Security

Hurricane shutters also provide an added layer of privacy, especially in homes with many windows. Privacy and security are also critical in the aftermath of a storm. There is sadly an increase in home invasion and looting after a storm with people left in a vulnerable state. Hurricane shutters can provide a temporary yet much-needed form of security while you are still trying to piece your life back together.

Habitat for Humanity of Broward is always looking for ways to give back and help the people in need across the globe. In the event of Hurricane Dorian, we provided around 300 families with rather affordable hurricane shutters and then channeled the sale revenue into further improvement of the communities. You may consider hurricane shutters an investment, but they are more than a monetary investment. 

Hurricane shutters are an investment into your future and security that will keep you prepared and protected during the next hurricane or storm. And the shutters will last for years. We at Habitat for Humanity of Broward encourage you to join our cause; feel free to check our website and see whether there’s a way for you to give back to the community, be that through volunteering or donations.