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Consider 3 Things Before Getting Rid of Your Old Furniture

Whether you are spring cleaning or remodeling your house, you might find yourself with furniture that you no longer want. Should you donate old furniture or haul it to the dump? Is there a way to donate furniture so that it helps your local community? Is it a good idea to donate damaged furniture? Here are three tips from Habitat ReStore to guide your decision.

  1. If You Donate Damaged Furniture, Can It Be Repaired?

If you have a table or other furniture item that has been damaged, you should consider whether or not it could be repaired. Minor repairs, like couch refurbishing or painting, are easy to perform. In that case, you can donate damaged furniture without worry. You can also take care of repairing the furniture before you bring it to Habitat ReStore so that we will be able to immediately place it out in the store, and its sale will help hard-working families gain the chance to work towards a safe, decent place to live.

When your couch needs refurbishing, you can do it yourself or enlist a professional to repair the seats or reupholster it. Leather couches can be conditioned to make the material feel buttery smooth and soft again. If it’s time to move on, you can donate old furniture to someone else.

  1. If You Donate Furniture, Can It Be Used?
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When you donate damaged furniture, donate old furniture, you should consider whether or not the item is still useful. You might be surprised by how creative homeowners can be when transforming older objects into stunning new works of art. Many people come to Habitat ReStore looking for ways to express their creativity in their homes, and furniture from any era can be donated. Reupholstering, couch refurbishing, and painting are easy ways to transform items that would otherwise be outdated.

  1. Can You Find Somewhere to Donate the Furniture?

Donating your furniture is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your waste and allow someone else to appreciate the item that you loved. Many non-profit organizations will come directly to your home to pick up items you want to donate, so you do not need to worry about renting a truck or moving a van to transport large objects. At Habitat ReStore, we happily accept furniture of all types, eras, and styles.

When you donate your furniture to a non-profit, you will receive a receipt that you can use to deduct the value from your taxes. This tax benefit is often greater than the expense of hiring a junk removal company or coordinating the sale of your pieces.

If your items are severely damaged, have mold, or are dangerous, you should dispose of them. If you live in a city or suburb, you can call bulk pick-up services to haul them away to a landfill. While donating is a great idea, in some cases, the safety risk to the new owner is not worth the environmental benefit of doing so.

Are You Ready to Give Your Furniture a Second Life? Welcome to ReStore

At Habitat ReStore of Broward, we work with homeowners who want their loved items to go to a good cause and be used by someone else. We are a non-profit home improvement store, and all of the proceeds from your donated goods help our families build better lives. When you donate your furniture to us, you will keep items out of a landfill and put them into good hands. Schedule a pick-up today by clicking the button below, or call us at (954) 278-3612.