Easy DIY Wood Furniture Projects With Habitat Restore

Easy DIY Wood Furniture Projects With Habitat Restore

Are you up for some redecoration and upgrade of your home and yard? We all have that idea of letting some fresh energy into our homes and lives. What best way to do that than to do some tidying-up first, and then introducing some new ideas into our surroundings? It does not have to take a lot of money either since there are several affordable furniture projects you can do on your own. 

  • Create Shelves

We all lack storage space for our books, shoes, accessories, tools or any other items we collect over time and are often just lying around our house. You could easily make a bookcase that would not require lots of investment. DIY wood furniture projects are both fun for whole families to participate in, and at the same time, a great way to express your creativity and save some money. Visit places where you can get second-hand furniture pieces such as stores, markets, or garage sales. Browse around and take a few items that could be combined to create your new storage space. Once you have created a shelf, group your books onto your new bookcase by genre, color or size, place vases, candles and other decorative objects in front of them, and your living room or bedroom will be transformed. 

  • Build Wall Decorations

Are there some walls that just seem too empty? If you think there are, you might be surprised to find out how much a simple and easy do-it-yourself furniture item on a wall can brighten up your home, making it cozier. Form a few lines of photo ledge shelves that can be made by just a few pieces of wood from Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and put on them some of your favorite cheerful photos with your family and friends. Keep those memories alive and around you at all times. They will both put a smile on your face when you are feeling down, and make your home more fashionable. These DIY wall decorations could be hung above your desks and computers, sofas, TVs, or beds. In addition to photos, these are also useful for keeping indoor plants on, especially the hanging ones.

wooden Wall Decoration

  • Organize Small Items in DIY Drawers

Get some hobby boards, wood glue and start creating magic – a drawer to store tools, cables, spices or anything else that you need and very often just misplace. Furthermore, you choose and create how big, small or skinny each divider in your drawer is, depending on what you need it for. Would you like to keep your jewelry in a drawer, neatly, tangle-free and easily accessible? Go ahead and create your perfect jewelry drawer. 

  • Make a Hall Tree

When friends come over, it is useful to have somewhere to hang their jackets, handbags, and hats. Are you lacking a hall tree in your hallway? Stop by a store and get some rustic wooden pallets and engage in DIY home furniture projects, creating your storage and decorative station to put coats and shoes on. It is not only a way to declutter your entryway, but a perfect way to make your hallway look chic. 

We are always on the lookout for more storage pieces and places to sit on or just rest our feet when watching our favorite shows. However, some furniture can be quite expensive. Why not make items on your own then? Browse through furniture donated to the Habitat ReStore and find the pieces you can use to create your own stylish DIY furniture projects. You would be both saving money and spending time expressing your creativity thus reducing stress. It’s a win-win situation.