Family Feature: Homeowner Valerie Hill Pays Off Her Mortgage

Eighteen years ago, single mom Valerie Hill had been moving from house to house in search of her dream home. In her mind, it would have a window in her kitchen that overlooked part of the neighborhood and a big backyard for her three young children to play in. After years of praying to God, she began to despair and thought her dream would never materialize. Once she heard about the Habitat Homeowners program, however, she took a leap of faith and applied, and her prayers were answered when she was accepted.

Habitat made all of Valerie’s house requests possible. She has raised all three of her children in her very own home and has made unforgettable memories there. And all three daughters have earned college degrees. Since becoming a Habitat Homeowner, Valerie has moved from a minimum wage job to a position as a mid-level school board employee. Now with her mortgage paid, she is no longer dreaming of homeownership, but living a dream made possible through Habitat for Humanity.