The Brown Family Spotlight: Future A Rick Case Community Homeowners

Krystal is the single mother of two children – Kelvin (11) and Chrishanti (9). After the passing of her sister, Krystal gained custody of her nephew – Jhaden (13), turning them into a family of four. She’s worked as the Supervisor for Walmart for the last eight years. Kelvin and Jhaden play for the Panthers at Pasadena Lakes Park.

Currently, the family of four lives with Krystal’s mother while they work on their new home in Pompano Beach and save money.

“Homeownership means not having to move every time the lease is up, forcing my kids to switch schools,” shares Krystal. It’s the reason homeownership is important to her. Now that she has been accepted into the Habitat Broward program, Krystal can begin creating new memories and a stable foundation. As the first in her family to become a homeowner, she can begin saving money for her family’s future thanks to her affordable, zero percent interest mortgage.