Habitat Broward’s A Rick Case Habitat Community Featured on CBS 12 News

Source: CBS 12 News | Author: Jay O’Brien | Date published: June 27, 2019

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is encouraging any candidate vying for Florida votes in 2020 to learn about the state’s diverse population and issues. When asked about potential advice for 2020 contenders at a media availability in Broward County, Thursday, DeSantis told CBS 12 News candidates should engage on the local issues that matter to Floridians.

“Obviously in Broward County some of the issues are a little bit different than Okaloosa County,” DeSantis said. “When people learn that and appreciate that and voters see and understand that, I do think it helps.”

DeSantis, a Republican and an ally of President Trump, has not spoken at length about the Democratic field. His comments were made in Pompano Beach, not far the Democratic candidates gearing up for night two of debates in Miami.

“People appreciate some of the things we’re doing with our water quality our everglades, our coastline protection,” DeSantis added. “All that I think will serve them well if they understand that.”

DeSantis’ comments were made at a Broward County Habitat for Humanity event, Thursday afternoon. The governor, along with community leaders, christened seven new homes in a community that will be the largest of its kind in Broward County when it is completed.

The complex, named the Rick Case Habitat for Humanity Community, will house 77 families when finished. Current residents of the seven finished homes told CBS 12 they were humbled by the event.

“It’s breathtaking,” said Krystal Brown, who is raising three children and will soon move into one of the finished homes. “I’ve been trying to do it [for] about two years now.”

In his remarks, the Governor praised new homeowner’s like Brown and welcomed them to the community.

“These are people that are working hard,” the governor said.