Be an Advocate for Affordable Housing!

Boy-and-Key-to new Home

How many more moments like this could we make happen for families willing to pay an affordable mortgage?

Thank you Governor DeSantis

Thank you Governor DeSantis and the Florida Senate for presenting budgets that STOP sweeping dollars from the Sadowski fund that are intended for affordable housing.

Thank you Broward Legislators

We would also like to thank our Broward Legislators for supporting efforts to stop the sweep.

Currently, the proposed House budget sweeps 60% of Sadowski funds, and the remaining 40% is restricted to areas affected by hurricane Michael, meaning Broward County, which has tremendous need for affordable housing, would get $0. 

If Broward gets its fair share of affordable housing dollars from this fund, that would mean $22.7 million for the County – an enormous boost in our effort to serve families in need of affordable housing.



Act Now

If you wish to act, thank the Governor for supporting affordable housing. Thank your Senator and consider respectfully asking your Broward Legislators to urge their fellow representatives to preserve the Sadowski fund as it was intended, and to support affordable housing throughout the State.


To learn more about the Sadowski Coalition, click here.