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Home Dedication: Meet Shakeda and Family

Homeowners in Pompano Beach

October 21, 2017

Shakeda Williams is the proud mother of two precious kids, Henry and Ayden. Henry is a very playful little boy and is currently learning how to swim, while Ayden enjoys going to the playground and swinging on the swings.

Possessing a resilient spirit, Shakeda applied to Habitat in 2010, but soon realized that she was not ready to take that step. She and her family were living next to a busy street, and the small apartment afforded little to no room for personal family time, so she knew she needed to keep a Habitat home as her goal.

Fast forward to 2017, and Shakeda is becoming a Habitat homeowner, thanks to Burdette Beckman, Inc. She will now have the opportunity to sit at a dinner table with her children for dinner for the first time since they’ve been born. She has joined the Broward County School Board IT department, which now provides her with full benefits. “I want to be able to provide structure for my family, and I will be the first in my family to purchase my own home,” Shakeda said. Now that she has an added peace of mind, she can give more focus on pursuing her bachelor’s degree in social work.

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