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Home Dedication: Meet the Watts Family

Home Dedication, Pompano Beach – October 21, 2017


Oriel, an Assistant Customer Service Manager at Publix, is the beautiful mother of four children, Brent 18, Bree 16, Shawn 14 and Toquan 12. Three years ago she gained custody of her niece, Diana, 12; creating a strong family of six. Her fondest memory is when Toquan spoke his first words, even though when he was born, doctors told her that he would never be able to talk.

For the last ten years, they lived in an unsafe neighborhood and have had to witness the severe violence that often took place just steps from their front door. After her son Brent was attacked by a group of classmates on his way home from school, Oriel knew she had to do everything possible to provide her family with a home of their own where there would be peace, and above all safety.

On October 21, 2017, Oriel and six other families received the keys to their new Habitat homes in Pompano Beach. Thanks to their perseverance, and our generous partners, they now have a safe place to call home.

Home Sponsored by Publix Charities