Who Are Habitat Homeownership Applicants? Habitat for Humanity builds affordable homes for low-income families who need decent affordable housing.


Types of Homes Available: HFHB builds single-family homes. We also rehabilitate existing homes. All homes come with our standard Homeowner’s Warranty and are built to be energy-efficient. Depending on the size of your family when you apply, we build homes with three to four bedrooms and two bathrooms.


Where Is HFHB Building? HFHB builds throughout Broward County, in places we can find affordable land. Currently, we are building primarily in the City of Miramar and the City of Pompano Beach. After being selected into the program, once you have completed 100 hours (single applicant) or 150 hours (co-applicants) of sweat equity, we will meet with you to review your site assignment.


How Long Does the Program Take to Complete? Although it may vary, the average length of time it takes homeowner candidates to complete the program is 18 months. You must attend 12 homeownership classes, complete a total of 300 sweat equity hours and save for closing costs ($2,000). To keep you on track, you are required to put in a minimum of three Saturdays each month and attend monthly workshops as scheduled.


What Makes a Habitat Broward Home Affordable? Because of volunteer labor and donations from organizations and individuals, Habitat homes are sold to homeowners at no profit. Also, they are financed with a 0%-interest mortgage that is fixed typically for a 30- year term.


How Much Will My Mortgage Payments Be? Depending on the appraised value of the home,  the average 4-bedroom home could have a monthly mortgage payment as low as $1300 (which includes taxes, insurance, and HOA fees, if applicable).


What is Sweat Equity and How Much Do I Need to Invest? Sweat equity is an exciting cornerstone to the Habitat program designed to meet three important goals: partnership, pride in homeownership and development of skills and knowledge. Sweat equity hours can be earned by volunteering on our construction sites or at the Habitat ReStore. You will be required to complete some of the hours yourself. Family, friends and co-workers can help you earn the remaining sweat equity hours. All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to work on site.