Habitat Broward recognizes that an affordable mortgage is only one part of becoming a successful homeowner.  The Family Support Program empowers families through education, resources, and ongoing support in order to create independence and health in individuals and families and improve the overall community.

Program Goals:

  • Empower families by requiring an investment in the process of securing affordable housing
  • Increase knowledge and life skills needed to acquire and maintain homeownership
  • Create a sense of pride in ownership and increase residential stability
  • Promote the development of positive support networks among Habitat families.

In addition to fulfilling their sweat equity requirements on the construction site, future homeowners participate in HomeWORKS, Habitat Broward’s adult homebuyer education program. At the same time, Habitat youth ages 6 to 17 participate in Blueprints4Life, our youth enrichment program, offering them a meaningful way to contribute to their families’ journey to homeownership.

Each homeowner family is also assigned to a volunteer Nurture Partner who provides individualized support and encouragement as well as serves as a resource, mentor, and mediator throughout the program.

For as long as families remain in their home, Habitat Broward continues to assess their needs and link them to resources (e.g., no-interest loans, credit counseling, insurance, medical) necessary to succeed in homeownership and in the community.