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YEP Mentors

YEP Mentors


September 13, 2014-Rebranding with Dr. Traci Baxley

Questions: How do you present yourself?

What symbol represents all that you are?

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Getting to know the Members of YEP

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YEP Mentors 2014-2015

In 2007, Habitat Broward launched its youth enrichment program, the Youth Empowerment Program, as an expansion of the education and support services provided to homeowner families.

Program Goals:

  • Youth will learn life skills needed to successfully manage their daily lives and help break the cycle of impoverishment.
  • Youth will be encouraged to develop positive self-images by receiving mentoring and support from caring adults. 
  • Youth will build positive relationships with their peers (future neighbors) and adults.

By collaborating with a diverse array of community volunteers, sponsors, and organizations, the Youth Empowerment Program strives to provide enriching workshops for children and teenagers.

The program offers a variety of activities geared toward fostering youth to succeed academically and socially.  It also provides a meaningful way for children and teenagers to contribute to their families’ journey of homeownership.

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