Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Volunteerism and Why It's Important

Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Volunteerism and Why It’s Important

Corporate volunteerism is a chance for businesses and their employees to leave a positive mark in their community, i.e. to give back. In short, corporate volunteering is a way of helping those in need in the community, without seeking any financial gain. 

Generally speaking, volunteering programs are great opportunities to promote corporate responsibility and a better work/life balance, both of which are very important in today’s society. 

And as such, employee volunteering programs are becoming a part of benefit packages with more than a fourth of organizations offering employee volunteer programs in the workplace. Companies usually offer various models: 

  • Event organization where employees join a specific activity
  • Give more time off to employees that they can use for volunteerism, either free days or hours during the workday
  • Monetary donations

This all sounds great and all, but one may ask: “What is the importance of volunteerism?” or “How do corporate volunteer programs benefit businesses?”

In this article, we are going to find out just that.

1. Volunteering Employees Are More Loyal

Skeptical managers may think that the majority of employees would simply use their free time for their own purposes, or would get discouraged to stay at the company because of the extra efforts of volunteering. It’s actually the other way around. Studies have shown that companies with such programs have better recruitment and retention rates among employees who value work/life balance.

2. Volunteering Does Not Hurt Revenue

Some would also think that having employees out of the office would be detrimental to the business you’re running. Research also shows the opposite. Apart from not hurting the company’s financial figures, these programs also give employees a great opportunity to learn valuable management and leadership skills, help boost teamwork, team morale, and generate an increased sense of responsibility.

3. Positively Impacts Everyone Involved 

Positively Impacts Everyone Involved 

Apart from benefiting the employees who participate in these programs, volunteering activities also benefit the people who these programs are aimed toward. That may be education, helping low-income families to balance finances, or construction work, every person in the program gets something valuable. 

From a business standpoint, companies will receive better brand recognition, will get a better reputation both from the competition and from government authorities and agencies. Sometimes, volunteering companies can leverage the benefits that local, state, or federal governing bodies offer them.

4. These Programs Have an Impact and Are Inclusive

Both transactional (like construction) and transformative activities (like education) are great ways to practice volunteerism and to help the community.

The first one is more of a hands-on approach, with visible results, while the other is more like a partner-based activity, with ongoing experiences that can inspire employees for years to come. 

On the other hand, having an impact, making a contribution to society are also important aspects not just for the company’s philanthropic efforts, but for the employees too. So in order to maximize the effectiveness of these activities, they should be aligned with the employee’s skills and schedule.

Habitat for Humanity 

It’s clear to see that volunteerism holds a lot of benefits not just for corporations but for employees as well. Apart from boosting morale, it gives coworkers a sense of responsibility, helps them with their work/life balance, gives them a chance to give back to the community, and can make them more loyal to the company. Corporations, on the other hand, can enjoy a better reputation that can translate into new business opportunities. 

If you’re in the Broward County and are considering volunteering, Habitat for Humanity Broward is worth your attention. Whether it’s on our construction site, at the Habitat ReStore, or at one of our events, your time and talents can help make a difference!