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Meet Johntae Duncan’s Family: Future Habitat Homeowners Sponsored by JM Family Enterprises

Johntae Duncan is the proud mother of five beautiful children-Christopher 12, Christina 8, Christian 5, Mikalya 2, and Michael 1. In 2012, Johntae lost the father of her three eldest children, causing her to have to raise the children on her own. Then a few years after, she and the children were evicted from their home and were forced to live in a hotel for three months. Currently, they reside in a small 2-bedroom 2-bath apartment. The three older children sleep in one bedroom, while the two youngest children share a room with Johntae, “The apartment has mold,” she shared.

For the past four-years Johntae has worked as a Medical Assistant for Westide Primary Care-HCA and truly enjoys what she does. Her and the children are members of Compassion of Jesus Christ Church, Christopher and Christian play for the Pompano Chiefs football team and Christina is a cheerleader for the same team. For fun, they enjoy taking trips to Orlando and going to the local water park. Her fondest memory is when she took her children to watch the New Orleans Saints play in Tampa; “My sons really wanted to go, so I saved up enough money to take them as a late Christmas present,” says Johntae.

“My family goal for 2018 was to get a house of our own,” says Johntae about her dream of one day becoming a homeowner. Her dream is now coming true due to the generous Family Home Sponsorship from JM Family Enterprises. With the money that she will save from her 0% mortgage and low monthly payments, she can now begin focusing on going back to school to become a Registered Nurse and save for a vehicle with enough room for all her children.