Meet Krystal Brown: Future Rick Case Habitat Community Homeowner

Future Habitat homeowner Krystal Brown’s family expanded when she gained custody of her 12-year old nephew, Jhaden, after the passing of her sister. A single mom to her two children, Kelvin age 10 and Chrishanti age 8, and now Jhaden, Krystal is about to become the first in her family to become a homeowner.

For the past seven years, Krystal has been a Department Manager for Walmart and lives with her mom where all three children share one room. For fun, Kelvin and Jhaden play for the Panthers at Brian Piccolo Park and as a family, they enjoy taking trips to the theme parks in Orlando.

When asked why homeownership is so important to her, Krystal responds with, “Homeownership means not having to move every time the lease is up forcing my kids to switch schools.” Now that she has been accepted into the Habitat Broward program, Krystal will soon begin creating new memories and a stable foundation. As the first in her family to become a homeowner, she will be able to start saving money for her family’s future thanks to her low cost monthly mortgage at zero percent interest.