image_James family with Santa in front of a big red firetruck

Meet the James Family: Future Pompano Beach Homeowners

Virgil and Eartha James are the happy parents of three wonderful kids, Jayvin 11, Jameer 6 and Jazell 4. They are both dedicated employees at Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. Eartha, who has  worked as a Housing Counselor for the last 11 years, assists clients in the prevention of foreclosure and James has worked as a Credit Counselor for the last seven years guiding clients on reducing debt.
Currently, the hard-working family of five live in a fairly small and compact 2-bedroom 2-bath apartment. “We have no space” Eartha shares “and our kids do not have enough room to play.”

Their children are active in the community and participate in The Boys and Girls Club and the Deerfield Rattler’s Youth Football team. As a family, they are members of St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church and in their spare time they enjoy playing sports, reading and playtime. “We celebrate accomplishments and offer unconditional love is a part of our everyday life” says Eartha.

Now, thanks to a Family Home Sponsorship from the Rosemary Duffy Larson Trust, TIAA Bank and Bank of America, as well as a group of dedicated volunteers from Church by the Sea, the James family will now have a spacious 4-bedroom house with a yard to call home.