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Contact Your Elected Officials: Proposed House Budget to Zero Out SHIP

Call to Action Proposed House Budget to Zero out SHIP No money at all for FY 2018-19, other than funding for hurricane recovery, has been allocated. SHIP (State Housing Initiative Partnership) dollars help Habitat make mortgages more affordable. Supported by the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund, the Florida House proposes eliminating these dollars and continuing to […]

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Working Families Can Achieve the American Dream – With Our Help

An Important Message from Nancy Robin, CEO, Habitat for Humanity of Broward It is now up to the Florida House to support affordable housing and end the historic sweep of millions of dollars from the housing trust fund. Senators, Representatives and We the Citizens have the opportunity to say, “Stop!” to protect the American Dream of […]

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Civil Rights and Humanity: A brief story depicting Habitat for Humanity’s connection to the Civil Rights movement

 In celebration of the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we took a look back in the history books and found a heartwarming connection between Dr. King, the Koinonia Farm, and our Habitat for Humanity founders, Millard and Linda Fuller.   The story begins with a gentleman by the name of Dr. […]

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Defining Affordable Housing