One Woman’s Legacy Helps Family Achieve Dream of Home

Patrice and Antron Jones are happily settled into their Habitat home after moving from rental to rental for years, in search of an affordable place to call home. Patrice and Antron both work full-time for a major grocery store. But even their combined, full-time wages could not secure them a decent home. They have three children: Armani (9), Antron, Jr. (4) and Eva (2). And when Antron’s sister fell very ill, they adopted her daughter Zamariyah (10), making them a family of six. Achieving a home for their family was just a dream until Pauline M. Weinacht’s legacy made it possible.

Pauline Weinacht was born and raised in Indiana and ultimately found her home in the Chicago area. She worked at a bank and was happily married, until her husband’s untimely death at age 42. Pauline needed help with her financial planning, so she turned to her parents’ advisor, Jerry Horwitz. Jerry stepped in to help her manage her assets so that she could live comfortably with financial security. “When it became clear to me that Pauline would not outlive her assets, I asked her what mattered to her most. If she could leave a charitable legacy, what would she like it to be?” explained Jerry. An avid gardener, Pauline said she would like to support gardens that promote earth’s amazing plant life. She also cared about families, shelter, children, and education. She welcomed a plan to make this happen.

In 2017, just three years after she passed away, Pauline Weinacht’s legacy provided life-changing gifts. The charitable fund created from her estate supported botanical gardens in her hometown, and it also sponsored Patrice and Antron Jones’ Habitat house.

Mrs. Weinacht’s legacy got their home out of the ground, enabling Patrice and Antron to get an affordable, zero-interest, 30-year mortgage from Habitat Broward, after putting in their sweat equity and meeting other program requirements. The Jones’ dream of a place to call home was finally realized. “It is so amazing to us that someone who we will never meet made our new life possible,” said Patrice. “Thinking of her fills our hearts with gratitude. We will never forget her.”

Patrice and Antron are also grateful to her advisor, who they were able to meet and thank personally. “It does not get any better than this,” shared Jerry. “I know Pauline would not be more overjoyed than to serve this Habitat family.”

To learn how you can leave a charitable legacy, please contact Brian Jones.