Preparing Your Household Items for Donation

Preparing Your Household Items for Donation And Pick Up

Would you like to donate household items that you no longer need? If you have considered donating to Habitat Broward ReStore, you are going to help build homes for families. However, we know that some pieces are very bulky and thus cannot simply be placed in a bag or a box and transported to us. In addition to this, you should make sure that the household goods you have decided to donate are in good condition before you deliver them or contact us for a pick-up

In order to make the donation process as easy and convenient for you as possible, let’s provide some explanations. 

How to Donate Household Items to Habitat ReStore?

Before donating, please ensure that:

  • Items Are in Good Condition

It is very important that your household items are lightly used, undamaged and in working condition. Make sure there is no rust, mold or broken parts. If there is any dirt or dust on them, please wipe or wash them before donating.  

  • All Parts Are Placed Together

Some household items include smaller pieces. Make sure all the parts are placed together. The best way to do it is to collect all the required pieces in a bag with a label on it. Do not forget to send all the accompanying manuals. For larger items, we would appreciate if you could label their dimensions and weight. 

Our staff find this helpful when sorting and processing your donations. Apart from that, our ReStore can offer your donated items at a higher price which in turn ensures bigger donations to Habitat for Humanity affordable homes. 

Volunteers sorting donated household items

  • Transportation is Appropriate 

Make sure your household items are packed well in order to reduce the risk of damage. It is a good idea to disassemble larger items to make transport easier. If you are not sure how to prepare your items, contact the ReStore before delivering them to us. 

We would greatly appreciate it if you could drop off your donations at our ReStore located at 505 West Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. It helps reduce our expenses. 

How to Donate Household Items for a Pick Up?

If your donation cannot fit in your vehicle, you can book a pick up online. We schedule pickups 4-7 days in advance by organizing our routes based on zip code. Please be patient until we contact you for a pick up. 

Be aware that we pick up hurricane shutter panels on Thursdays only. In addition, our staff that picks up your donations know what our ReStore accepts. Therefore, they are the ones who decide if an item is suitable for a pick up.  

Follow these steps when you are preparing your items for donation:

  • Put your items outside. Our staff do not come into your home, so please move the items to the garage or outside your home. 
  • If due to some weather conditions you are not able to put your items outside, please contact our ReStore to agree about the location of your donation. 
  • Label the items clearly as “Habitat ReStore Donation” in order to verify the donation for our drivers.  

When you decide to donate household items to the ReStore, the items you no longer need will be bought by someone else, recycled or reused. This also reduces waste in landfills and thus benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas. In addition to this, revenues from sales of your donated items at the ReStore help build homes for families in our local community through Habitat for Humanity programs. Take part in creating better lives for our neighbors, help spread joy and happiness.