This Earth Day We Thank You for Helping Habitat Broward Go Green

Habitat Broward has a long history of building sustainable, energy-efficient (green) homes that are not only better for the environment, but reduce utility and maintenance costs for Habitat homeowners.

What makes our houses good for the environment? Sustainable building encompasses a wide range of areas, such as energy conservation, water efficiency, CO2 emission reduction and indoor air quality. Here are a few of the “green” features that are incorporated into Habitat Broward’s homes:

• Smaller, compact and efficiently-designed homes (1,280 sq. ft. under air is typical size) reduce the carbon footprint while maximizing function
• Energy-efficient HVAC systems
• A/C ducts inside air conditioned space
• More energy-efficient insulation in the attic
• Extended roof overhangs for improved cooling and heating
• Programmable thermostats
• Impact-resistant windows with a low e-coefficient to reduce heat load on interior of homes
• Energy Star rated appliances and ceiling fans
• Low-flow toilets and shower heads
• Rain water capture in well-designed retention areas and swales
• Drought-tolerant shrubs and trees that are native to Florida

Habitat Broward builds to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design) building standards set by the US Green Building Council. Additionally, our practice of building in clusters of homes (typically four or more) increases the efficient use of materials.

Lastly, a big component of sustainable building is the education Habitat Broward provides all future homeowners on the proper care and maintenance of the home. As a result, the homes’ systems and materials work more efficiently and last longer, the yards stay greener and more attractive and the homes are healthier for occupants.

Giving to the Habitat ReStore Is Good for the Environment and Creates a Sustainable Source of Support for the Mission

The American Institute of Architects estimates that anywhere between 25 to 40 percent of the waste produced by the U.S. is building-related waste. That equates to 164 million tons a year. Construction & demolition debris, including tile, cabinetry, windows, doors, hurricane shutters, etc.), in Florida represent nearly 1/3 of the solid waste collected and recycled (2016 State of Florida Solid Waste Annual Report).

• With the exception of Miami-Dade, Broward County generates more collected solid waste than any other Florida county.
• Habitat ReStore diverts reusable goods from entering the solid waste stream by providing a discount retail outlet for their donation and re-sale to the public.
• Habitat ReStore reduces the need for recycling, which has been shown to produce thermal gases and other harmful products.
• ReStore creates a sustainable source of revenue to support the mission, thereby turning donations and purchase of home furnishings and building materials into an ongoing source of support for affordable housing.
• ReStores throughout the nation play a vital role in protecting the environment and are recognized for this contribution.

This Earth Day, help us promote donations to the Habitat ReStore to put home building materials and furnishings to good use. CLICK HERE to learn more and schedule your pick up!