You Don’t Have to be in Washington D.C. To Participate in Habitat on the Hill!

Director of Community Outreach and Program Services, Marcia Barry-Smith and Director of Development & Marketing, Barbara Witte will go to Washington D.C.

This year, our very own Marcia Barry-Smith and Barbara Witte are in D.C. and you too can participate in Habitat on the Hill with our first Virtual Hill Day! We need you to advocate from afar in support of the Self-Help Opportunity Program (SHOP), which helps Habitat for Humanity acquire land, purchase foreclosed or abandoned properties and improve infrastructures, and the Home Investment Program (HOME), which provides funding for a range of affordable housing intitiatives!

Take Action via Email and Call Your Legislatures

Prepare your community of advocates for our Virtual Hill Day by sending out a quick email blast, providing background on the unique federal programs that support affordable housing in your community. Use our pre-populated email action form to communicate with your represenatives in Congress via email or phone call using the contact information below. When you introduce yourself to legislatures or staff members, be sure to mention that fellow advocates have traveled to the Hill from around the coutnry to advocate for affordable housing. By calling in, you are joining them!

Social Media Advocacy

You can utilize social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to share posts that display your public support for increasing access to home affordability. Be sure to tag your members of Congress and post on their social media pages! Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #HabitatontheHill #VirtualHillDay #HomeAffordability 

Thank you for joining us. Welcome to the Hill!